Carriers and grips innovatively designed and manufactured in the USA

  • designed to be compatible with other manufacturers equipment allowing for easy retrofits and modifications
  • behind the seat frame design eliminates contact with skier/attendant
  • high chair side arm rest provides passenger security
  • standardized design allows for many of the same parts to be used on a quad, triple or double chair
  • bolt together design eliminates NDT concerns on welds
  • restraining bar with or without footrest available
  • seat pads are standard and back pads are available


Chairlift Restraining Bars Program

Skytrac can fabricate custom chair restraining bars for your resort’s experienced chairlifts:

  • Riblet
  • Hall
  • Yan
  • CTEC
  • Thiokol
  • all brands

Yan Chair with new Skytrac restraining bars.

Hall chair with new engineered and fabricated restraining bars from Skytrac.

“Kid Stops” U-Block System from Leitner-Poma of America also available.


Designed to be directly compatible with other manufacturers equipment allowing for easy retrofits/modifications

  • manufactured in the USA
  • design available with coil springs or spring washers
  • stainless steel Investment casting design (or Shell casting design available) utilizing Finite Element Analysis
  • plastic grip wings are replaceable and compatible with other grip designs
  • 100{63ba328c687d49e0b9fcfce0f3159333a743e131e7d1c0271c3b9315572dea28} of grips are X­rayed and magnetic particle tested

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