LMS 2018 Lift Mechanic of the Year, Matt Fuller

June 7, 2018

I’m happy to have been nominated as the Mechanic of the Year by my team at Sunday River. This group of coworkers call me the “Lift Whisperer” because I’ve become so familiar with the sounds of the lifts in my zone. I can readily hear, or feel and determine what it might be that needs adjusting.

My favorite job details are technical. I love tearing lift components and assemblies apart, reconditioning them and then putting whatever it is back together, fully restored.

What do I like the most about the job? I love being outdoors, especially in winter. Summer’s are too hot. I also enjoy working at heights, though this is something most mechanics have to get used to starting out. At Sunday River we have towers 50-60 feet high. Now I say, the higher the towers, the better.

Like the least? High winds and icing .Though part of the job, these conditions can make work pretty rough.

Daily regiment: I never leave the office without my climbing harness and dead blow hammer.

I’d like to thank my on-the-job mentors who have trained and taught me so much.
Lou Blanchard and Jamie Breau from Sunday River.
Tim LeCours from Leitner-Poma.

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