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doug-allen Doug Allen Takes Challenges To Heart - Doug is a Skier At the completion of the ASC B77.1 Committee meeting held in Nashville,TN, Doug Allen, VP of Mountain Operations at Steamboat Resort and LeRoy Shultz, past Chairman of the B77, received the Jan W. Leonard Award. This… Read More »
michael-pratt Mike Pratt: If the Social Benefits are Worthy… - If the Social Benefits Are Worthy and the Economic Benefits Are Real, You Should Be Doing It. Mike is a Skier. Michael Pratt is waiting when I call him Friday morning. Not for me, but for the new cable for… Read More »
mark-thorpe Meet Mark Thorpe, New Chairman ANSI B77.1 - Lift Maintenance Manager, Snowmass, New Chairman ANSI B77 Committee. Mark Thorpe is a Skier. Two days before the NSAA Keynote speaker addressed the issue of aging resort leadership, the ANSI B77 committee announced Mark Thorpe as the Committee’s new Chairman.… Read More »