Bill Brett’s View From the Tower

July 28, 2017

Bill Brett, the now retired mountain manager from Timberline Resort, OR, is the 2017 recipient of the PNSAA Tower of Excellence Award.
Here’s his story on lift mechanics in some of the U.S.’s toughest weather.

“Here at Timberline, we built the first Palmer lift; a Riblet fixed double in 1977 to 1978. It was the dream of Richard Kohnstamm, the owner, to have chairlift access to the upper mountain. Mr. Kohnstamm was a 29-year old social worker/investor who rescued Timberline from bankruptcy in 1957. It took a few years of fighting for it, and finally, we got the permission to do the construction.

It took us a couple of years to build this lift as the weather tore it down while building it in the first twelve months. During that first installation, the lift was about ready for chairs when an October ice storm moved in.

The weather left two feet of rime ice built up around the haul rope, then the wind started blowing and blew three towers over. Nobody had constructed a chair in that environment before, and while Riblet was willing to install the project, nobody knew what was going to happen with those kinds of loads. These towers were not the tripod style towers we have today. It was a learning experience. An interesting note is that the Palmer Lift was originally going to be Riblet’s first detachable. They never built the grip, and we used to joke about Riblet not figuring out how to get the clip in and out of the rope fast enough.

Tripod towers at Timberline

Bent sheave frame from ice loads

Mt Bachelor and Mt Hood Meadows both enjoy working in the same weather as Timberline. There is also a lot of information and learning coming out of New Zealand where there is some big icing. I’ve gleaned some wisdom out of those areas, but from an operating standpoint, the location of Timberline is the most challenging. But while it’s severe, it’s the challenge of it that keeps you going. The people who work around this stuff for a living are high in character. I think of people like R.J. Knight who would be splicing up on Palmer with two inches of ice in his beard in his frozen coveralls while the rest of our crew was wearing rain gear. R.J.’d just keep on and finish the job.

R.J Knight at work in Aspen

Don’t miss this caption on the picture

The biggest challenge with year-round operations is we don’t have a full season of lift down time like other resorts. So we just keep working consistently between weather and schedules. We operate our lifts year-round, and Timberline has the longest ski season in North America.

Top terminal is buried

Winter storms can bring winds can be up to 100 mph at Timberline

Timberline used to be a little area, just busy on the weekends, quiet during the week, with one ski patroller. The most significant change that ever happened was the expanded summer ski operation when we built the chair on the upper mountain. That changed the whole picture of Timberline and how it turned into a world-class destination during the summer months. Funny — a lot of people in Portland who ski here in the wintertime don’t even know we ski in the summer time. Most of our guests are from all over the world as there are a limited number of places to ski during this season.

The Palmer lift closes during the winter months. Besides the rime ice, there can be winds up to 100 miles per hour. When winter comes to the lower lands, and the boss says it’s time to put Palmer to bed, we have a system, what we call “winter assemblies” that are mounted twelve feet below the cross arms for strength. We drop and secure the rope in those assemblies for the winter.

Palmer winter assemblies.

For our lower mountain, some chairs we’ll run at night to keep them from icing up and the rest we have another system we use to get them unfrozen and rolling again. Yes – sometimes it is necessary to open late.

How I got here.

I grew up in Chicago but moved to Portland because my grandparents were here. I love the west coast.

I got hooked on skiing and in 1971 started working at Timberline, right out of high school. I was a ski patroller and a lift operator the next couple of years and then managed the ski patrol. I had that roll for a couple of years and then got tired of my feet hurting all the time wearing ski boots. I started working with the lift maintenance crew. A few years later when the lift maintenance manager quit, I almost left also for another opportunity. The mountain manager at the time told me “You can’t leave. You shouldn’t pass this position up as the new lift maintenance manager. So I stayed, and that’s what I did.

My wife Pam and I are a Timberline couple as we worked and met here. We have three kids, one a schoolteacher and two of them work in the industry. My youngest son is here at Timberline as a Rooms Manager at the hotel. My other son is a snowcat mechanic at another local ski area.

Question #1 to Bill: In all that freezing weather, what’s your favorite kind of gloves to get you through?
Answer: Kinko’s like everybody else. When they get wet – you just put on another pair.

Question #2: Your maintenance crew – have you trained most of them fresh or have you hired experienced mechanics from other resorts?
Answer: Occasionally we have experienced mechanics from other areas, and occasionally there is a supervisory roll or management position from another area. Timberline is a great company to work for, but few mechanics come because of the weather and as it’s a year-round operation.

Question #3 How’s that West Coast seafood?
Columbia River Salmon is a specialty in the hotel and is about the closest you get to seafood here.

Timberline’s family of St. Bernard’s continues with Bruno

Bruno images: photo courtesy of Terry Richard

21 thoughts on “Bill Brett’s View From the Tower

  1. artie speicher

    Was hard work on the palmer crew but fun times, best to you in retirement if you ever get east look me up

    1. Bill Brett

      Thanks Artie and all. We did have a lot of fun building and working on that lift. Still enjoy working a few days a week up there. I liked your SAM article regarding lift mtnce training. It isn’t as simple as it used to be, is it!

  2. Brent Dahl

    Bill as one of the “Friends of Timberline” here’s a hearty thanks for sharing your story. We are in debt to your dedication and hard work through the years.

  3. Brass Hammer

    Worked for Bill and Carl Knotts in the mid 2000’s and used to marvel at how Bill seemed to literally run up the ladder to the top of a tower. Well earned for sure.

  4. Barbara Haugk

    Bill…Thank you for your dedication to the place so many call their second home. Thanks too for carrying on the legacy of those before you. All my best in your retirement

  5. Kim Nylund

    Your hard work ethic is much appreciated Bill. Honor well deserved! Enjoy retirement!

  6. Janie Swift

    Congratulations Bill on your retirement. It was always my privilege to have worked at Timberline with you and Steve and the lower shop crew. Thank you for everything you did for the area and the people that worked there. You were a true role model in hard work and getting the job done. Hi to Pam as well!

  7. Gary L. Hohnstein

    It was a pleasure working with you and becoming your friend!

  8. Tammy Villali

    My mountain hero. I know you won’t miss my random after hours calls of “Hey Bill I’ve got this group that wants to…insert out of the ordinary request here” but I will miss you! Thank you for always finding a way, with a smile, and making it look easy.

  9. John Young

    Bill it was an honor to work for you,we share a love for the moutain and Timberline. I still enjoy going up and being able to look around. I can still look out and see something that I have never seen but has always been there.On a recent trip I stopped to look at the new footings for Pucci #3 and saw the twr base of Pucci#1 and thought of working with Artie my first week on LM. I want to thank you for being part of my life.

  10. Matt Pendergast

    Bill, I look back with joy at my time at Timberline as a (very green) chairlift mechanic in the 1990s. I hope you are enjoying retirement! It is well deserved. I was probably a bit too naive and young to be a chairlift mechanic at the time, but you and others like Steve Haugk, and John Young were patient with me. I sure learned alot, and really enjoyed my time there. I guess my unfortunate claim to fame was rolling the snowcat upside down into that huge hole on Palmer. I remember you and Steve and John coming up to rescue me and Scotty, If I didn’t still have the pictures I wouldn’t believe it happened and that we made it out alive. Thank you John Young as well, for being patient with me during my huge learning curve.

  11. Kevin Ratcliffe

    Had the pleasure of working for Doppelmayr when we replaced Palmer Was there to help out Randy Henry pull the haul rope Worked with a few of your lift mechanics and was invited to your shop and saw the crazy ass pictures of the shit that you deal with on a regular basis during the winter!!
    Hats off to you all One crazy ass place While pulling the rope a front moved in from the west and in the span of a half hour the 5/8 sand line was covered in ice and was about 11/2-2 inches going into the winch
    From one old Doppel Dog to you Bill What a crazy place to have spent your whole career
    Worked on the rigs in the Artic but Timberline wins the prize

  12. Rickyec

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    you ought to be very clear about your needs, And your needs right now include not having to spend a lot of your energy on his anxiety. Explain that his seeing a professional is something you need almost as much as he does. are really ok with it not helping right away, Or with his needing to find another therapist if the first isn’t a good fit. But that he needs to focus on his anxiety with specialized right now for Both your sakes.

    that is the anxiety talking, Trying desperately keep itself.

    When fear is keeping you failing (by continuing to keep you from trying), The scariest thing you can attempt to do is to get over the fear.

    shared by BrashTech at 12:58 evening on July 6, 2011 specialty]

    I agree that explaining that his going to therapy is something he’s doing FOR you not TO you is a great. I think it would also be necessary for him to get some sort of part time job. Having a lot of unstructured time is POISON for those who have anxiety/depression. I can’t speculate what has to be a good fit for him, Since if he’s got social anxiety not online retail type work might be too stressful, But finding anything to do to be productive even if its only a couple days a week can be a big help. it will likewise give him events to build the rest of his week around.

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    sent in by egk at 2:28 evening on July 6, 2011 most popular]

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    placed by jon1270 at 4:40 pm hours on July 6, 2011

    Go with him to his first couple of sessions. Not in the house, And not all the sessions but come with him at first. Don’t lead him to do it alone.

    No one ever did that for me a youngster, But 20 five to ten years later, my hubby did. It felt perfectly!

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