The 2016 LMS Lift Mechanic of the Year – Jasen Bellomy, Sugarbush Resort

May 4, 2016

From: Billerica, MA
Family: Dad of a 9-year old daughter
Offtime: Fish, ride dirt bikes, hang out with his daughter

Jasen is a skier.

Career History:
“At 18, my ski industry career started out as a lift operator at Waterville Valley, NH. While I liked it, I decided to move forward and join the U.S. Marine Corps. There I was trained to maintain missile defense radar systems which led me to work for Raytheon. This kind of work was both complicated and interesting but the serious downfall was working in an office environment every day. I liked working in the outdoors and returned to the ski industry as a snowmaker for Peak Resorts/ Crotched Mountain.”

“Crotched needed someone dedicated to the lifts department and I transitioned from snowmaker to lift maintenance.” Though I have changed resorts over the years, I’ve never left the lift maintenance.

From there Jasen said, “I went on to work for Windham around 2008 to run their department and then up to Saddleback Lift Maintenance for 4 years. I’ve been here at Sugarbush for about 9 months.

The biggest differences between Saddleback and Sugarbush?
“The environments were radically different. I went from 2-3 mechanics to more than 15 of them, with more details, more personalities. Trying to figure out which mechanics had experience and know-how on what parts of the lift systems. It’s been important for us to learn to work as a cohesive unit and to improve our maintenance records and documentation. When a lift is down, my former training supporting a radar system that could only be down for a few minutes has geared me to be calm and troubleshoot the issue. I believe the mechanics know and appreciate the fact that I’m working along side of them instead of just managing them.

5 thoughts on “The 2016 LMS Lift Mechanic of the Year – Jasen Bellomy, Sugarbush Resort

  1. Glen Bellomy

    Great job, well done!
    Keeping the customer and team first pays off!

    1. Anonymous

      Couldn’t be proud of you. You are a special person, you have worked very hard and come a long way! Great job!
      Love you,

      (More proud!)

  2. Tommy Bellomy

    Congratulations for such an honor. Your efforts to keep things going has been recognized.
    Tmmy Bellomy

  3. Irene Sherman

    Uncle Art & I are very proud of you. Keep up the great work & enjoy the rewards.


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