LeRoy Shultz and… Can You Guess Who?

November 28, 2016

Win a Skytrac hat!

Last June, LeRoy Shultz, Engineer and past chairman of the ANSI B77.1 Committee received the Jan W. Leonard award for exceptional contribution to the Committee. We caught up with his wife Dana who sent us this wonderful picture of Leroy accepting his award. Thanks Dana!

But WHO’s the rugged ivy-leaguer-looking guy carrying LeRoy in the retro 70’s photo?

Be the first of three people to post the right answer and we’ll send you one of our super cool, limited edition Skytrac hats. (Skytrac and L-P team – shhhhh)

9 thoughts on “LeRoy Shultz and… Can You Guess Who?

  1. Beth LaPointe

    Here’s the final tally. Onno (who doesn’t need a last name) Sam Geise, Rick Kelley, “Kliffy” (Blombeck), Jim Bartlett, Mike Murphy, Dave Grenier, Dennis Eshbaugh, Brad Gravink, Wally Shank(!), Ross Stevens and Burt Mills (caught welding a moose push-bar on his pickup) will all share 3 cool Skytrac Hats on a rotating schedule. Let do this again.
    Thank you for the fun Bo!


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